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EyEnvy Now Available For Purchase! Call For Details. Pick up only.


EyEnvy Conditioner

For thin and short lashes. Also, great for eyelash extensions. This product Strengthen your natural lashes.


EyEnvy Intense Mascara

Experience conditioned lashes and an enhanced look at the same time!


BrowEnvy Eyebrow Pencil

The finest tip for the finest brows!

Introducing the ultimate eyebrow pencil! Create the perfect eyebrow in just seconds with EyEnvy's new eyebrow pencil. Give yourself the effect of natural looking eyebrows that you've always desired. Shape your brows to be thick and full with the easy-to-use and easy to control fine and precise tip.
Enjoy this fine tip pencil that does not need sharpening, is smudge proof and lasts all day! It is also equipped with an integrated brush so that you can perfect the look for natural or bolder looking eyebrows.


FaceEnvy Exfoliate Me

Oxygen exfoliating mousse.

An exfoliant will remove the corneum layer of your skin, by doing so, it will increase the potency up to 30% of creams and serums to penetrate better into the skin. The refined white foam exfoliates and restores the epidermis's growth cycle, effectively increasing the absorbability of other skin care products while smoothing out the skin's surface.
With its rich enzymes and powerful antioxidants (green tea), a brightening agent (bearberry extract), and a calming soothing agent (aloe extract), your skin will be renewed and it will bring out the glow of your skin.
This exfoliator is for anybody including those who experience sensitive, dehydrated skin and who are acne prone.


FaceEnvy – 2 IN 1 Cleansing Gel

Daily Cleanser and makeup remover. Oil free! Great for eyelash extensions!

Skin cleansing is a daily activity for most individuals. Cleansing involves both a chemical and physical interaction with the straum corneum to maintain the biofilm on the surface of the skin surface in a hygienic state. Cleansing may also facilitate the desquamation process by mechanically dislodging corneocytes.
2 in 1 Cleanser is designed to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Keratin build up from the surface of the skin is removed due to the ingredients, papaya extract and subtilisin, reducing the repeated use of abrasive exfoliants.

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Waterproof and smudge proof. Easy glide and long wear for the waterline.